Welcome to 8aFurniture Limited

8aFurniture are independently owned and operated whole sales and retail stores, open to customers who seek the style, quality, luxury selection and value of 8aFurniture are brand products. This award-winning company is focused on a quality experience that will keep loyal shoppers coming back.

That’s why 8aFurniture has grown into the number-one furniture retailer in Nigeria and one of the best-selling furniture Company in the world! Whether you’re looking for big-ticket items, like sectional Doors, sofas and mattresses, and décor for the home, like vases and pillows, 8aFurniture provides you with stylish choices at an exceptional price both for  commercial and residential use in NIGERIA.

8aFurniture has  eSSENTIAL Accessibility to ensure that its website welcomes customers of all abilities.

Company logo was found and designed by the President/ CEO CHARLES IGBINEDION.